Thursday, January 19, 2012

Apple iPhone 5 to have ’squeeze to unlock’ feature

There are a lot of rumours surrounding the iPhone 5 that is currently in development by Apple and one of the rumours is that it will have a new way of unlocking the phone. Currently, users actually swipe across the screen to unlock the device but now, it is thought that Apple will actually be getting rid of the home button and incorporating two home buttons on the sides of the device.
These two home buttons will have an entirely new feature which will be the squeeze to unlock feature. Users will simply be able to squeeze the phone to trigger both of the buttons at the same time and the phone will unlock. This will also mean that the home button that has always been on the front of the phone will be removed from the device, allowing Apple to incorporate a whole new larger screen on to the device.
A larger screen is something that many users of the phone have been looking for since the release back in 2008 and now, it could be happening. The phone will also be thinner than the current iPhone 4S model it is thought and have a redesign.

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